Facial Reflexology

The Power of Facial Reflexology

The relaxation of a face massage combined with the healing and restorative powers of Reflexology

What more could you ask for ??

Facial reflexology works on the same principles as foot reflexology, It is a non-invasive, holistic treatment that focuses on reflexes/pressure points on the face which once stimulated send messages to specific parts of the body, helping to stimulate the body’s own body's healing process, improve circulation and nerve supply as well as release the body of toxins.

Facial reflexology brings all the benefits of foot reflexology but not only does it aim to help clients improve their health and well being, the unique benefit is that it also can help give them the complexion a younger, radiant glow as well as leaving the skin to appear tighter, smoother and plumper over a series of treatments. Facial reflexology is considered a natural alternative to Botox. This treatment is not only deeply relaxing but can also help reduce stress, tension, anxiety as well as migraines, sinus problems, IBS, joint pain, insomnia, and can help relax you if you are trying to conceive.


Each treatment starts with a short consultation and once you are comfortable on massage table, I cleanse the face with a Gentle Vegan Non-foaming Cleanser Milk, featuring plant-derived ingredients that gently removes makeup and everyday impurities, leaving a breathable, soothing layer on skin so that it feels protected, calm, refreshed and hydrate with its main ingrediant of a blend of sustainably sauced Agastache Mexicana.
I then use gentle pressure on different reflex points on the face. I also use a range of massage and natural facelift techniques to smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenate the face.
During the treatment I use a Vegan Nourishing Facial Oil which enhances the treatment with its sheer dry oil formula that contains omega fattyacids 3 and 6 and a superantioxidant to help support luminous skin beauty. Like a superfood for your skin, this illuminating oil provides just the right amount of superior hydration and moisture where it’s needed most; improving the look of skin texture to help create a more radiant-looking, even-toned complexion.
Facial Reflexology is very relaxing and some have even fall asleep during the treatment


When it comes to reflexology, one treatment can gives instant and lasting results. You may feel lighter, more calm, and have a general sense of well being - but repeat treatments are so beneficial. Ideally, four weekly sessions of facial reflexology will give a marked improvements overall.

But if you have certain ailments or issues such as stress, tension, anxiety as well as migraines, sinus problems, IBS, joint pain, insomnia, dry skin etc, I would recommend four to six sessions and the same if you want to see a visible difference in your face/appearance and feel better about yourself for that feeling and looking good, inside and out.


I would hope for the face to feel and look smoother, more toned and more relaxed as you increase the circulation. A treatment will also help to release muscle tension and and improve skin tone, and makes the whole body relaxed and rebalanced.


Lots of people struggle with the idea of reflexology because it involves their feet being touched, but would still love to try a reflexology treatment. This is where a Facial Reflexology is ideal for those clients as knowingly they are getting the same benefits as foot Reflexology plus more.

Its very exciting to be able to offer Facial Reflexology to my clients for the ultimate head to toe experience.

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