Pregnancy Support

Maternity Reflexology is amazing during pregnancy and has endless benefits for the baby and mother to prepare both for the birth. If you know someone who is pregnant why not tag them into this post or share it to them via messager...What to expect from Reflexology:-- Hi congratulations...Maternity Reflexology aims to

1) Enhance maternal well being of mother and baby during pregnancy by restoring and maintaining physical, psychological and emotional balance.

2) Provide mother with opportunities for time to herself for rest, relaxation and allow her a listening ear to express her concerns.

3) to compliment midwifery by detecting health issues with visual and manual examination of the feet, any existing or developing health issues which may impact the progress and outcome of the pregnancy.

4) To relieve symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy, labour and postnatal by promoting the mothers self-healing capacity.

5) To support mother during labor and birth by aiding relaxation and reducing fear, pain and tension.

6) To prevent minor deviations from normal developing into medical complications and assist in reducing the severity of any complications which could arise.

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