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Louise Navarro Life Coach
Louise Navarro Life Coach
Louise Navarro Life Coach
Louise Navarro Life Coach

Are YOU feeling at a crossroads in your life?


I know how you feel, for many years my role in life was the homemaker and I loved being it. But as my family grew up, I found they didn't need my full attention anymore, all of a sudden I had lost my purpose.


I had to find new self... not the young woman who had got married at 22, had children and had concentrated all her efforts into. But a NEW woman, who had a second chance of making a new life, with her own dreams and I wasn't going to waste it.


But luckily. I new just what to do to find my new life, one that fulfills my dreams and ambitions. I have created a new life for myself and I can help you do exactly the same.

We all have things that stand in our way to stop change, but how we navigate these challenges is how we learn to grow and thrive.

As a Life Coach I can help you understand and manage these challenges and how to do it successfully. I believe that you have the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive.

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FREE Personal Goal Statement Workbook can be found in shop to download.

"Louise is always welcoming, friendly and very professional. She provides an excellent service, I call it my ‘reflexology therapy’, and I come away feeling totally relaxed. I would highly recommend reflexology to anyone thinking about it, and Louise is your girl!"

- Janette

Louise Navarro Life Coach
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