This Technique stimulates the dermis to support collagen and elastin production

and release tension to relax muscles.

It has been shown in studies to increase circulation and aid lymphatic flow,

release congestion and sooth sore eyes and skin resulting in a brighter, healthier, radiant complexion.



Facial GuaSha is a massage technique

designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face,

boost blood circulation, and

encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat.

It helps break up fascia,

the connective tissue that hugs muscles

of treatments. 

GuaSha is derived from

Traditional  Chinese Medicine

and be traced back thousands of years.

guashe 1.jpg



Each treatment starts with a short consultation.

Once you are comfortable on the massage table, I cleanse the face with a gentle vegan non-foaming cleanser milk, featuring plant-derived ingredients including Agastache Mexicana.

This leaves a soothing yet breathable layer on the skin and it will feel protected, refreshed and hydrated.


I then use the GuaSha with a gentle  but firm pressure on different areas on the face and neck, stimulating the muscles to smooth out wrinkles, release tension, increase circulation and rejuvenate the face. 


During the treatment I use a vegan nourishing facial oil which contains omega fatty acids and a super antioxidant. This illuminating formula helps to hydrate the skin and improve its texture, creating a more radiant-looking, even-toned complexion.


With only one treatment of GuaSha you can see

instant results that leave you feeling lighter, calmer and  you skin feeling tighter and toned.


But repeat treatments are so beneficial.

As you face will become brighter and the muscles will tighten

You will see a visible difference in your face and appearance.