Sit back in the knowledge you are in experienced hands, and allow yourself to slip away and unwind.

Surrounded by calming music, your feet will be placed in a warm foot soak,

enhanced with natural minerals and salts,

then experience the luxury of a foot reflexology treatment.



Foot Reflexology is a non-invasive, holistic treatment that focuses on pressure points on the foot. When stimulated, these send messages to specific parts of the body which improve circulation, detoxification, and the body’s own healing process.


This treatment is deeply relaxing and can help with migraines, sinus problems, IBS, joint pain, insomnia and conception issues, also supports anxiety ans stress.

 Foot Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment,  where many of my clients even fallen asleep during the treatment!


Foot Reflexology provides health and well being benefits,

to support you through our busy lifestyle



With reflexology, one treatment can give instant and lasting results that leave you feeling lighter, calmer, and with an improved sense of wellbeing.


However repeat treatments are so beneficial. Ideally, four to six weekly sessions will assist with numerous ailments and show a marked improvement in your overall health.


You will feel a difference in how you feel bt being more relaxed and rebalanced inside and out.




Each treatment starts with a short consultation.

Surrounded by gentle music, your feet placed in a warm foot soak enhanced with natural minerals and salts, then experience  the luxury of a full Foot Reflexology Treatment.


 With a selection of natural lotions for you to choose from

Uplifting Lemongrass, Relaxing Lavender, Replenishing Jasmine

or Healing Peppermint