Facial cupping works by improving blood circulation to the skin and gently stimulating the fibroblast cells.

These produce natural collagen and elastin, resulting in a healthy glow, plumpness and

reduced fine lines.



Facial Cupping is a little different from traditional cupping treatments, there is no bruising left on the face, simply because the suction is not as strong as the ones used on the body.

But it works on same basic principles.

Facial Cupping works by improving blood circulation to the skin

and by gently stimulating the fibroblast cells, which produce natural collagen and elastin,

your skin will reveal a healthy glow, plumpness and

reduced fine lines.

Facial Cupping is amazing as an extra add on to another Treatment

or a Full Stand Alone Treatment,

because you can see instantly results:

a plumper, smoother complexion,

and a slight lifting and opening of the eyes.


Cupping drains fluid toxins and waste that has collected

in the face and reduces puffiness.





A short consultation always is the start of any treatment.

Then one you are comfortable of the massage table, I cleanse the face and then apply a Vegan Facial Oil.


Then with gentle strokes and pulses throughout the treatment,

your face and neck is sculptured to refine the Jaw Line, reduce the

puffiness around the eyes and lift the eyebrows to name just a few of the amazing results.

Facial Cupping can promote a healthy lymph system

by relaxing and stimulating muscles and

draining the fluid back down the neck,

for your body to process.




1. Gives instant results.

You can see results immediately after your treatment. Your face will look noticeably plumper and lifted. 

2. Sculpts the face.

Facial Cupping allows for a more lifted, toned and sculpted face, by drawing the skin up and back which stimulates collagen production.

3. Sucks out puffiness

Usually due to lymphatic blockages, Cupping drains lymphatic fluid, decreasing excess fluid and swelling in the face.

4. Plumps in the correct places.

Cupping plumps the cheeks, forehead, chin, lip line, jaw and neck.

5. Pulls out wrinkles.

Cupping bring more blood flow to the face,

which stimulates the skin and helps produce more collagen