Menopause - Facial , Hand and Foot Reflexology

The Menopause is a time when fundamental physiological shifts happen for a woman, these are accompanied by a range of physical and emotional symptoms.


Sometimes we fear changes to our lives because we don’t know how to control them and often this is out of our hands.


If however, we focus on what we can control we can lead healthier and happier lives.


If we choose what we put into our body, on our body, how we use our body and what we put into our mind we can retain more of a handle on how we will lead the rest of our lives.


During the 12 Week Treatment Plan you will learn about the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction and brain fog, forgetfulness and low energy levels, the importance of regulating the Ghrelin and Leptin. 


We will cover the struggle with weight and the role of gut flora and pre and probiotics in alleviating menopausal symptoms.


We will also cover how best to support the Liver health to increase energy levels, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and support the cardiovascular system and hormones with diet and life style.


This Menopause Treatment Plan is about using knowledge as power and making healthier lifestyle choices during and after the menopause, 


The Menopause is an innovative and original Reflexology plan that combines Facial, Hand and Foot Reflexology to balance the zones from the head to the toes.


When you start the 12 Week Menopause treatment Plan you will receive a 16 Page  Journal to support you in you Menopause Journey. which includes 12 pages where you record your daily symptoms or successes as you progress through your Treatment Plan.


It Also includes a list of common symptoms to be aware of and an information sheet about how Menopause can impact your life. 

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