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Are you looking for a holistic alternative to botox and fillers?

The Zone Face Lift is an exceptional facial treatment that not only lifts the spirit, but tones, tightens and sculpts the face, jaw and neck line.


The unique benefits are due to the combination of facial reflexology, gua sha, rose quartz crystals, facial cupping, lymphatic drainage and chinese facial massage. These techniques work to release tension and free constrictions in the facial muscles and connective tissue.


By massaging, stimulating, scraping and rolling the facial tissue, the release of toxins is encouraged along with the flow of oxygen. This also promotes nutrients that activate the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in plumping of the skin and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.


The Zone Face Lift also evens out the skin tone, reduces dark circles, promotes a brighter complexion, and clears up issues like acne and rosacea. The unique healing benefits of quartz crystals calm the face while restoring balance within the mind, body and spirit. Toxins and emotions are released, making it quite a spiritual experience!


As well as all of the anti ageing benefits, the Zone Face Lift reduces stress levels, improves your sleep, lifts your mood, and can help with migraines, sinusitis and Bell’s palsy.


A 12 or 6 week programmes is recommended to reap the full benefits.

Natural FaceLift at Kerikeri Reflexology
Natural FaceLift at Kerikeri Reflexology
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