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"Reflexology is a natural way of detoxing - essential for weight management and I have witnessed the proof of that myself. Before I started reflexology with Louise, I struggled with my weight and stress levels.  Louise gives 200% in her treatments and so much more, I highly recommend her" - Di, New Zealand


"I really enjoy the foot massage before the reflexology session, it really sets the scene for a most enjoyable experience" -Oriel, Kerikeri


"I have been having reflexology treatments with Louise over the last two years. Louise is very caring and easy to talk to, I find her treatments very relaxing and a great way for me to take time out. I have found that reflexology is also an excellent way to aid detoxification" - Donna, Kerikeri


“What an amazing lady and an amazing service. I am definitely going back and recommend Louise 100%” - Leah, Kerikeri


"Standing on my feet all day can be exhausting and by having reflexology treatments with Louise, I can de-stress and take time out to relax. At the same time I am getting all the other health benefits of reflexology.  Louise is one of the nicest people I know, I would definitely recommend her" - Candice, Kerikeri


"Louise is amazing at reducing my stress levels and relaxing tense muscles. Her gentle technique and thorough treatment has improved my long term aches and pains as well as correcting imbalances in my hips and shoulders. Louise takes the client through a pampering, corrective process that would be very difficult to do without" - Barbra, Kerikeri


“The treatment was extremely therapeutic and Louise explained things along the way about pressure points and how reflexology works. I left feeling thoroughly refreshed and detoxed, thank you again” - Helen, Auckland


"In her tranquil treatment rooms, Louise provides a fabulous de-stressing and uplifting reflexology service. Aches and pains dealt with, along with a personal touch that is second to none!" - Jane, Kerikeri


“Louise gives a wonderfully indulgent treatment that is also incredibly beneficial - I couldn’t believe the visible difference after my first facial reflexology session!” - Josephine, Kerikeri

“Thank you for my reflexology treatment yesterday - enjoyed sitting again in your lovely treatment room - beautiful relaxing surroundings, and I’m feeling great as usual after the awesome treatment you give” - Tracy, Kerikeri


"I have had a "knot" in my back for a couple of years which no amount of massage could get rid of.  However, two sessions with Louise and it completely dispersed!  Thanks Louise, it's made a real difference" - Claire, Kerikeri


“My tootsies being pampered again by the lovely and talented Louise...if you haven’t had a reflexology treatment before then you really healing for mind, body and soul” - Cheri, Mangonui 


“The pain in my left side under my ribs was gone when I woke up this morning. I noticed a bit of a slight twinge when I drove for about half an hour but I have not felt it since. My back is also pain free, I am so pleased with the results, Thank you so much” - Tracy, Kaikohe


“Louise is such a beautiful soul and is very talented at what she does. She explained in detail all about reflexology as she went along and is clearly very passionate about her work, A lovely relaxing treat. Thank you again! We will definitely be back” - Liz, Auckland


“After my lovely visit yesterday, my eye was quite twitchy and watery last night...lots of tingling started early hours of this morning. I don’t feel as though it’s half as puffy and I definitely have more feeling in my worked your magic” - Debby, Paihia

"I'm feeling so great since my course of treatments with Louise. As a sufferer of very bad headaches over the past 4 years that are related to a health issue, I had tried a few different treatments that didn't suit me. I was so willing to try another - reflexology" - Tracy, Kerikeri

"Louise is genuine, caring and loves practicing reflexology . Over the years I have had many treatments and would rate Louise as one of the best" - Sue, Kerikeri


 "I cannot believe how reflexology can benefit me in so many ways. It makes my body feel refreshed and energised and has greatly improved physical symptoms I have suffered for many years. Louise makes me feel relaxed and pampered and I look forward to every visit" - Kate, Kerikeri 

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